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Congratulations — by seeking help, you've already demonstrated more self-awareness than the vast majority of online flirts.

A bit of fun with a blue eyed blonde, or something more? As for character, he has to be honest, smart, and have a stable job. So perhaps western guys in China don’t have it so easy after all.There are so many single people roaming the streets of Guangzhou looking for a quick hook-up or something more. It's , the day single Chinese people covet for their online and in-shop bargains, but what about the ones that don't care about shopping and just want love, for one night or eternity?Our sister site, City Weekend Suzhou, has put together a much-needed ultimate China Dating Guide, for all you confused lotharios and wanting women.Suzhou isn't the only city looking to offer you advice.Here in Guangzhou, we'll be starting our own sex and relationship column called Go Ask Al, where our readers can write in with real questions and get credible answers from a licensed psychologist.

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There is something naïve about the girl in this story; in the west we are far too wary of catfish to go off alone to meet a strange man in a dingy bar at midnight. So you’ve been in China for 2 years now; do you prefer western girls or Asian girls?

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