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Lou Lou was all over the place in its plastic, obtrusive, blinding glory.The whole place smelled like Lou Lou, but I was too shy to save up for a bottle and wear it around.I never put on more than two sprays of it (as I do with most other fragrances too). I believe not many wear it today in my country (if it ever even was popular or wellknown here?! Then and now: It was 1987 and I was in the same department store I practically grew up in.Like few others here, I like it better on clothes/hair, than skin only. The front counters had the newest fragrances and eventually, the core line was moved farther back.I adore the violet, plum black currant and the powdery trace of orris and Tonka bean, with vanilla and balsam notes.And i'm glad to say that the vanilla is moderate, with the smooth smoky incense running throughout.

There is a lovely sweetness in the background, but the two aforementioned notes are too dominant for me to consider wearing as a scent.

It comes in a cardboard outer box, painted in red flowers and colorful vegetation, against very dark forest decor. Think "Working Girl" when Melanie Griffith "borrowed" that black cocktail dress from the closet of Sigourney Weaver. First is gardenia-like floral, some yellower flowers with some incensy haze, and then powdery vanilla. Good longevity and changes a lot from start to drydown.

Read more about Lou Lou Cacharel in Loulou – The Fragrance of Pandora's Box Lou Lou was launched in 1987. With all the contoversy, I am suprised that its not shockingly dirty or far out. The dry down is more tonka vanilla but i still dont consider this a dark scent, but sexy, yes! This is for vintage Loulou of which I aquired after 30 odd years and she smells exactly how I remembered her.

This was a problem I often had because I didn't understand drydown, etc.

But in the bottle, where fragrances blew me away, I would tend to put them down and go for the scented oils that didn't have silage (the hippie type oils).

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