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Check out the body positioning in the photos—I stand about 5’ 10”.

My arms bend more on the Sportster, while my knees have a tighter kink on the Bobber.

The high-profile tires do help absorb irregularities, but they inherently lack damping, so they are no substitute for higher quality suspension.

The brakes are certainly adequate on both machines, with the front and rear discs being helpful in slowing the bikes down.

So, set your path with care and ride it like you’re aboard a locomotive.

Great torque will pull you out on the exit and send you on your way with authority, if not breakneck speed.

The pushrod design and 45-degree V-twin powerplant is a classic, and the XL1200C designation dates back over 20 years.

The two motorcycles have decidedly different approaches to corners, with some similarities.

They have the same fat tires, so it’s a wash between the Continental and Michelin 16-inchers.

The Bobber’s relatively light weight and the V9’s overrev help erase the power differential, so the ability to hang it out in a turn without instantly dragging the peg feelers is a huge advantage.

Sure, you can touch metal to asphalt on the Bobber, but you will be leaned much farther over when that happens.

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If canyon riding at faster than a casual pace is your primary activity, the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber will be your mount of choice.

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