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According to Serber, he chose the two names based on their design shapes.

The "Thin Man" was a long device, and its name came from the Dashiell Hammett detective novel and series of movies of the same name.

After the war ended, it was not expected that the inefficient Little Boy design would ever again be required, and many plans and diagrams were destroyed, but by mid-1946 the Hanford Site reactors were suffering badly from the Wigner effect, so six Little Boy assemblies were produced at Sandia Base.

The Navy Bureau of Ordnance built another 25 Little Boy assemblies in 1947 for use by the Lockheed P2V Neptune nuclear strike aircraft (which could be launched from, but not land on, the Midway-class aircraft carriers).

A high-velocity gun was no longer required, and a simpler weapon could be substituted.

The simplified weapon was short enough to fit into a B-29 bomb bay.

This meant that the background fission rate of the plutonium was so high that it would be highly likely the plutonium would predetonate and blow itself apart in the initial forming of a critical mass.

In July 1944, almost all research at Los Alamos was redirected to the implosion-type plutonium weapon.

Fission was accomplished by shooting a hollow cylinder of enriched uranium (the "bullet") onto a solid cylinder of the same material (the "target") by means of a charge of nitrocellulose propellant powder.The "Fat Man" was round and fat, and was named after Kasper Gutman, Sydney Greenstreet's character in The Maltese Falcon.Little Boy, being a newer version of Thin Man, was named by others in comparison.Thin Man, 17 feet (5.2 m) long, was designed to use plutonium, so it was also more than capable of using enriched uranium.The Thin Man design was abandoned after experiments by Emilio G.

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